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Thank You Mrs. Rowling

This is one of my favorit songs: a lovely melodic – no effects, only me and my harp… Although the song describes Harry Potter, it was not the fantastic story, not the magical atmosphere, the list of wonderful characters, not this poor and incredible boy who would safe the world with his ability to love… it was a video called “One Year in the life of J.K.Rowling”, that brought me to write “Thank you Mrs. Rowling”… It was the moment when she stood in her old flat in Leith, where she wrote “The philosopher’s stone”. I saw the tears in her eyes, running over her face  while she was deeply moved… when she remembered, how she became herself by writing, how her life changed into a fairy tail… And so I also had tears in my eyes and sensed her feelings and the feeling began to grow to a melancholic melody…

Here you can hear a shorted version:

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“Thank You Mrs. Rowling

For the story you’ve told… “



Here’s the new video based on the original version:

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