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My twighlight honeymoonsong for Bella: Fly Away (Hold me tight)

Fly away was the first song of my siren-song-project. It started while reading the Twighlight-Saga of  Stephenie Meyer. I became enchanted by the atmosphere, how she told the story: I could see the colours and the refracted light, I could smell the taste of forest and forest soil, I could feel the fog and the rain upon my skin… At this time I was playing a tune of Maja Taube on my harp called “Gewebe” and I saw my personal film in my mind’s eye and then my hands started to create a new melody: Fly Away was born…

The first part begins only with the 2 harps. In the second part “my” Bella sings about her love to Edward and in the 3. part she sings about her love to Jacob. The chorus applies to Esme’s island… the honeymoon-scene…

After finishing this song I decided to send a copy to Stephenie Meyer – (I really didn’t know how famous she is… ) I don’t know if the song ever reached her, but maybe she finds it here by chance:

Dear Stephenie, this is my song for you -  Thank you for your inspiration!

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P.S.: This is the english version of my song. The original version of the CD is for two harps and has german and english lyrics.



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